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At Priced Rite Auto Transport, we understand that when choosing a company to transport your vehicle you want and deserve a company that provides excellent service at an affordable price, and makes things easy to understand. Before you make a choice, though, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q. How Quickly Will My Vehicle Be Transported?

That depends on the mileage. Once picked up, figure 1 ½ days for every 500 miles on your vehicle’s journey. Other issues can arise during the transporting of your vehicle such as traffic poor weather, and mechanical issues may increase delivery time. Almost 99% vehicles are delivered on time.

Q. Will My Car Be Insured While Being Transported?

All of our carriers have a $1,000,000 liability policy and up to $100,00 per vehicle. Your vehicle is well protected while we are transporting it.

Q. Can I Transport A Fleet?

If you need to transport a shipment of cars but do not have a way to transport them, you need to call Priced Rite Auto Transport. We will happily transport your fleet at discounted rates.

Q. How Far In Advance Should I Schedule My Vehicle Transporting?

We suggest 2-3 weeks for us to find and quality assure a driver. Last minute reservations are always risky since we may not be able to locate a truck in your area with limited notice.

Q. Can Items Remain In Car During Transporting?

While you cannot have anything on the front or back seat of your vehicle, you can have 100 pounds of cargo in the trunk. You can also have soft items like clothes on the floor of the back seat. Please make certain that your gas tank is at ¼ or below.

Q. Am I The Only Person Allowed To Pick Up Or Deliver My Car?

If you cannot be present for the pickup or delivery of your vehicle, you can send an authorized person in your place. For your security, though, we will verify that the person you send is authorized to either pick up or receive your vehicle.